Jaṛēṁ-Roots journey so far...

#dance undivided

An evening of diverse dance and music from incredible talents.  We celebrate the universal language of dance and live arts and the power it has to bring people together from all backgrounds and heritages.

The proceeds of the event will go towards two deserving causes: one is building a full length production of “Jaṛēṁ-Roots”, our original piece portraying diverse dance communities and touches on immigration while sending a message of peace and unity.

The second half will benefit the @becomeimmersive organization, which will help build a women empowerment & arts program in third world countries (starting with a focus in Sierra Leone, who recently declared a state of emergency for women and girls who are being beaten, raped and paralyzed on the daily).
10% will also be going to Amazon Watch to try and help how we can with rain forest disaster.

We must build hope for girls and women around the world, that they can be anything they choose to be. Let’s start by fostering empathy and community through the live arts world we all love so dearly.


Pictures by: Juliana Crawford

Apap: Bronx
artists now

We were invite to pitch / showcase an excerpt of your Jaṛēṁ-Roots at the Bronx Arts Space as part of the APAP showcase, the 9th annual Bronx Artists Now: Showcase & Conversation
(co-curated in 2019 with Beatrice Capote and Maleek Washington).

Stage Garden rumba

The Lost Goddess was invited to be part of the line up of the 6th rendition of 'Stage Garden Rumba'.
A free outdoor gathering of artists, activists and community. Stage Garden Rumba is an intimate gathering meant for everyone to inspire and be inspired.

uk tour 2018: /The Lost Goddess

Roots of Rumba (created in 2013) is a festival presenting and celebrating diaspora dance theatre (Dance Theatre with dances of the African Diaspora at the heart).

In 2018, supported by Arts Council of England, Roots of Rumba toured to: Bristol Trinity Centre, Lion Salt Works in Northwich (Near Chester), Horniman Museum in London, Yorkshire Dance in Leeds and Richmix in London. The events included theatre shows presenting a diverse selection of artists, workshops, afterparties, talks as well as development days for artists.

(See here for a detailed break down of the local, national and international acts, teachers and DJs involved and why the festival was created)

The evening performances included a selection of fully developed works, extracts and works in progress from the very best of local, national and international dance theatre artists representing dance of the African diaspora.

With elements from Rumba, Tango, Afro-Brazilian, Hip Hop and Capoeira, covering topics such as racism, migration, feminism and identity, it is no surprise that the dance performances re powerful, challenging and breath-taking. In some cities there were also workshops, lectures, artist CPD and afterparties with international DJs.

Roots of Rumba was supported by funding from Arts Council England 2018.

Read the after festival blog about the festival here


“… is a fabulous end to a great night, and should be seen”… – Julie Cresswell Buck – Bristol247


Synopsis:The Lost Goddess” is a dance piece about the Lady of the River: a goddess who has been asleep for over 100 years. A ceremonial dance has been passed down through the generations is used in an attempt to wake up the goddess. Those who know it have dedicated their lives to this ritual. Legend states that the goddess can only be awakened by someone worthy of learning the ways of the four elements (earth, water, wind, fire). 

The Lost Goddess is inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s poems called, “Alone”.

“Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out there alone.”
…Maya Angelou


Pictures by: Simon Richardson, Rog Barnes and Julia Testas

Jaṛēṁ-Roots Concept VidEoEUROPE

Sharing talent and love with amazing dancers and a musician in Paris, using parts of my choreography from Jaṛēṁ-Roots with INNOvationArtists, in this concept video. 


Music: Bassem-Tabel Bassem – (Egyptian Disco – Buddha Bar) 

Dancers: Jay-C Val, Claire Bouillot, Sami Blond, Klara Beyeler- Cénac Musician/actor: Christophe Cénac Choreography: Myriam Gadri Filming/editing: Eldad Productions  Studio: Studio HeartPoint, Paris

The lost goddess debut at dixon Palce

A cabaret based on the work and life of Dr. Maya Angelou. Her work notably speaks to the deepest parts of the human condition as she cunningly bridges the gap between different walks of life. Subjects of loss and struggle feature prominently in her pieces while she always manages to show you the ‘rainbow in the sky.’ We encourage the audience to sit back and take a journey through life’s hurdles as we use different performances to find the joy, confidence, and love that Dr. Angelou said resides in all of us. Watch as new possibilities are discovered through song, dance, acting, and spoken word. Here was were "The Lost Goddess" was born and realised it was the perfect storyline to one of the sections of Jaṛēṁ-Roots full length show.

The Lost Goddess was inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s poems called, “Alone”.

“Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out there alone.”
…Maya Angelou

run the night hosted by Jared Grimes

Jaṛēṁ-Roots was accepted to take part in this competition and left with high in high spirits bringing something completely unique to this competition. Run the Night is a competition geared towards giving Choreographers and Dancers exposure to the commercial industry. The show will consist of 10-20 pieces which our elite panel of judges will score, taking into consideration the Concept, Choreography, Staging, Costuming and Execution. The piece with the highest total score will win a grand prize of $1,000!

House of duende showcase

The whole spirit of our organization and this production is to fully collaborate with each other to “unleash our duende.” Duende, in this context, refers to the art of Flamenco. In short, it is one’s inner spirit; the mysterious force of artistic inspiration that move through you. When one allows their physical body to become a vessel for something greater than themselves, that is duende. Our goal is to create an evening of dance and art that allows and invites every person in the room (people from all different walks of life) to discover and experience that pure spiritual liberation through the magic of art.

“…Artist in Residence (Winter 2017)
Myriam Gadri and INNO’vation Artists
Presents: “Jaṛēṁ-Roots”
Featured Dancers: Arielle Rosales, Brinda Guha, Adriana Olivares, Amanda Castro, Skizzo Arnedillo, Janete Silva, Jose Ozuna, Moglii Smith, Loreto Soledad, Shira Math, Solana Yemaya…”

click to see page: Dixon Place


In January 2015, Jaṛēṁ-Roots, 7 minute piece made its debut in a split bill at Dixon Place. It was not for these talented individuals this vision would have not come together so beautifully. 

As the story unfolds we see individuals looking for their people, traveling from community to community. At first, they are not welcome especially by the leaders of the communities but some of them restore the peace by promoting tolerance, acceptance .

These diverse performers were perfect to really portray no matter our race, background, social status we are stronger unified if we fight prejudice and judgment.
History shows us migrations for different reasons
A lot of us, our parents, grandparents went through similar situations at some point, fleeing or having to leave their homes or countries for various reasons. Nowadays it would be important to share and spread this message of hope and unity. 

‘Jaṛēṁ’ (Roots in Hindi/Sanskrit) celebrates diversity and richness of all cultures through the art of dance. 

“…in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”–  Maya Angelou.

(INNOvation Artists Repertoire)

Jaṛēṁ-Roots was a new piece from INNOvation Artists

INNOvation Artists was a collaborative effort with like minded dancers and choreographers based in NYC, trained in multiple styles. They created performances to break barriers, regardless of color, race, creed and language. Bringing environmental awareness to the table, using their dance as a message of hope and the ability for change and unity. They aimed to inspire and entertain through all styles of creative dance and theatre making.

“Dance is a language understood by the body and heart rather than the ear and the mind”, “all we are is what we do”.   

“Celebrating diversity and richness of all cultures through the art of dance”.

dance for unity”“love the world, love the cultures”.