Our Mission

Our Mission

Our dance theatre show’s mission is to build bridges between dance styles, cultures and communities across the world. 

Our goal is to give the audience an experience, to take them on journeys filled with learning, reflection and expression.

Collaborating with local dancers specialising in various styles is central to original productions.

We are continually innovating, learning new techniques to enrich our artistry and performance. Our ability to embody different styles and cultural dances resonates with our audiences.

Show Storyline

After one of their own has been ripped apart from their community, we follow female 1 and female 2 on their quest to save their friend. Whether it’s through being challenged or welcomed into a new community, this story shows the undeniable power of acceptance and tolerance.

Along with live music, Jarem-Roots takes you on a journey of storytelling through dance, incorporating Urban streetFlamencoIndian Contemporary (Kathak style) and various African styles.

This allows the audience to truly become captivated in the richness of the cultural exchange.

 Our storyline portrays diverse dance communities and touches on immigration while sending a message of peace and unity.

Our Core Values

While supporting independent artists showcasing a multicultural experience, the show aims to encourage understanding of cultures other than your own and inspire change, tolerance and unity. All the while contributing to the local economy.

Quick History

Jaṛēṁ-Roots was a new piece created with INNOvation Artists

INNOvation Artists was a collaborative effort of like minded dancers and choreographers based in NYC, trained in multiple styles. They created performances to break barriers, regardless of color, race, creed and language. Bringing environmental awareness to the table, using their dance as a message of hope and the ability for change and unity. They aimed to inspire and entertain through all styles of creative dance and theatre making.

“Dance is a language understood by the body and heart rather than the ear and the mind”, “all we are is what we do”.   

“Celebrating diversity and richness of all cultures through the art of dance”.





“… in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

_ Maya Angelou