“No matter our race, gender, social status or background we are stronger unified.

 The world needs help right now to build bridges and celebrate our differences.”

– Myriam Gadri


"Echoes to Freedom" for Teatro LATEA's "eMeLeKe"

From the African drum to HipHop, passing through flamenco and Indian Dance we experience journeys through strife, gender roles and voicelessness as they move us towards freedom, acceptance and equality.

#DanceUndivided Fundraiser for
Jaṛēṁ-Roots & BeCOME

We celebrate the universal language of dance and live arts and the power it has to bring people together from all backgrounds and heritages.

meet Myriam, the creator
& see a summery
of the journey so far

This introduction describes our journey so far. It was played at our #DanceUndivided Fundraiser in September 2019.

(Music: Bassem-Tabel Bassem – Egyptian Disco – Buddha Bar)

Finale choreography teaser

Here is a rehearsal video of the finale choreography from the 7 min original piece premiered at Dixon Place NYC in January 2015